Six Tips For Marketing An Independent Retail Business

Retail stores have always faced the challenge of attracting and retaining customers. Full Story: Forbes

The 4 Ps Of Marketing

The four Ps of marketing — product, price, place and promotion. Full Story: Forbes

What is marketing work management?

There is a heightened need for marketing work management software, Full Story: Martech

The Future Of Digital Marketing Is Up To Gen Z

We’re experiencing a watershed moment with the emergence of generative AI on the precipice of integration across virtually every industry. Full Story: Forbes

The All-Encompassing B2C Marketing Guide

Good business-to-consumer marketing (B2C marketing) is the lifeblood of any consumer-facing business. Full Story: NeilPatel

Determining Your Marketing Strategy During A Downturn

When word got out that an economic downturn was likely on the horizon, Full Story: Forbes

How To Use Linkedin For Marketing

Discover the best practices for LinkedIn marketing to help you increase brand visibility, generate leads, and make sales. Full Story: Search Engine Journal

Humanizing Your Brand Through Social Media

Social media marketing has now become essential for any type of business, as it’s a way to “humanize” your brand. Full Story: Forbes

19 Unconventional Branded Social Media Accounts That Inspire Marketers

Some brands have embraced an unconventional, humorous and even irreverent approach to social media, earning legions of devoted followers. Full Story: Forbes

Top social media statistics to check out in 2023

The one constant about social media is it is always changing. Full Story: TechTarget

New social media features you need to know this week

Updates from Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook and more. Full Story: PR Daily

SEO Marketing In 2023: The Ultimate Guide

SEO marketing is a term that you might hear a lot about as you develop a web presence. Full Story: Forbes

How to Optimize Your Website for Better Search Engine Rankings

Step up your SEO game: A complete guide to enhancing your website’s visibility and driving organic traffic. Full Story: Jumpstart

What Factors Contribute To High On-Page SEO Scores (But Low Domain Authority)?

By focusing on these factors, you can improve your online presence and search engine rankings. Full Story: Search Engine Journal

Local SEO Ranking Factors

Are you looking to gain more website traffic from local searchers on Google? Full Story: SocialMediaToday

How long SEO takes to work

Learn the average timeframe to see results from SEO and key factors that influence your SEO program’s performance. Full Story: Search Engine Land

The most underrated SEO factor

Unlocking the SEO secrets: The powerful impact of branding on SEO. Full Story: Search Engine Land

Mobile Marketing Best Practices — What Leading Brands Do When It Comes to Mobile Campaigns

Mobile marketing has radically evolved since the 2000s, reflecting advances in technology. Full Story: MartechSeries

Sms Marketing How Ai And Data Crackdowns Are Reviving Strategy

With better targeting and customization tools, text message marketing is becoming an effective, Full Story: AdAge

The Rise of Mobile Shopping: How Retail E-Commerce is Changing the Game

Exploring the Revolution: The Rise of Mobile Shopping and its Impact on Retail E-Commerce. Full Story: CityLife

The Future of Retail: How Europe is Embracing Digital Signage Technology

The future of retail is rapidly evolving, and Europe is at the forefront of embracing digital signage technology. Full Story: Fagen Wasanni

What is Signage Conversion?

Does Your Signage Need an Update? Full Story: Stratus

Digital Signage Solutions: Enhancing Safety and Security in Public Spaces

In today’s world, effective communication and safety measures in public spaces are crucial. Full Story: CityLife

19 Ways To Elevate Your Email Marketing Strategy For Maximum Impact

While email marketing remains a powerful tool for businesses seeking to connect with their target audience and drive conversions, Full Story: Forbes

7-Email Sequence to Boost Back-to-school Sales

The back-to-school retail season has begun, and a well-executed email marketing campaign can boost sales. Full Story: PracticalEcommerce

From campaigns to conversations: The future of email marketing

Discover the power of conversational email marketing, transitioning from campaigns to personalized interactions to enhance subscriber engagement. Full Story: Martech

Why email should form a key part of your e-commerce marketing strategy

Around key sales dates like Black Friday, email marketing can yield a more than 4% sales conversion success rate; Full Story: Media Update

The Power Of E-Commerce: How Small, Local Businesses Can Expand Online

If you run a small, local business, chances are you’ve got some sort of a website. Full Story: Forbes

Building a Robust B2B Ecommerce Strategy for the Internet and Technology Industry: Key Steps and Best Practices

Building a robust B2B ecommerce strategy for the internet and technology industry is a critical step for businesses looking to thrive in today’s digital landscape. Full Story: Fagen Wasanni

Mastering eCommerce design: Key mistakes to avoid for enhanced conversions

In the current digital epoch, eCommerce has burst onto the scene as an essential ingredient of the commercial landscape. Full Story: Betanews

5 eCommerce Tips for Small Businesses

This guide outlines key strategies to help small businesses and startups launch eCommerce brands, Full Story: Cambridge Network

Navigating the Economic Business Landscape: Tips for Growing Your Business

Before you’re ready to hit the turbo jets on your business, you want to assess your business’s current “fitness” level or condition. Full Story: Newsweek

The Future Of Public Relations: Human Ingenuity Empowered By AI

Now that the period where every headline claimed that AI would replace the human workforce seems to be dying down a little, Full Story: Forbes

The Role of PR in Successful Product Launches — Strategies and Best Practices

By executing a comprehensive PR campaign, brands can generate buzz, build credibility, and create a strong foundation for their product’s success in a competitive market. Full Story: Entrepreneur

Is PR For Startups Really That Different?

As a PR professional who has been working almost solely with startups for the last 15 years or so, Full Story: Forbes

PR Tip: Don’t Simply ‘Trust Your Gut’

Always trust your gut…is not the PR advice I would recommend. Why? Full Story: PR News

The New Wave of Programming Languages: Exploring the Hidden Gems

Coding languages play a vital role in shaping the manner we create software. Full Story: Hackernoon

What Is Stylus CSS and How Do You Use It?

You might be more familiar with other CSS preprocessors, but don’t overlook this contender. Full Story: Make Use Of

Why a Backend Developer Should Learn JavaScript

Let’s take a look at the context of client-side development, and talk about what a back-end developer can use JS. Full Story: Viva Glam Magazine

8 Visual Studio Code Extensions You Didn’t Know You Needed

VS Code is already an exceptional editor, but these extensions take it even further, with extra features and tweaks to default behavior. Full Story: Make Use Of

How to Create Email Newsletters With HTML: Best Design Practices

Learn how to make awesome email newsletters using HTML. Follow these design tips for crafting engaging and eye-catching emails. Full Story: Make Use Of

Artificial Intelligence Is Changing The World And Your Business

Artificial intelligence (AI) was once little more than speculative fiction. Full Story: Forbes

Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing and Advertising

Artificial intelligence (AI) has witnessed a significant rise in mainstream consumption. Full Story: Fagen Wasanni

From automation to optimization: How AI is revolutionizing digital marketing campaigns

Welcome to the exciting world of digital marketing! In this blog, we’ll delve into this thrilling frontier where optimization meets automation and Artificial Intelligence is at the center. Full Story: Data Science Central

How Generative AI Can Help Shape the Future of Marketing

The latest technology that has swept the nation has been generative AI. Full Story: readwrite

How AI In Business Intelligence Redefines The Typical Business User

Sometimes, we find a kernel of truth about our world today in yesterday’s science fiction. Full Story: Forbes

Navigating the Future of Technology: Key Trends in Global Business Intelligence and Analytics Software

Exploring the Future: Key Trends Shaping Global Business Intelligence and Analytics Software. Full Story: Fagen Wasanni

How AI is Improving Business Cybersecurity?

Discover the influence of AI on threat detection, user analytics, and access control. Full Story: Analytics Insight

The importance of business branding

There is a big opportunity for retailers who take a more considered approach to branding. Full Story: Kbbreview

3 Ways To Attract And Retain Talent Through Effective Branding

If you’re just watching the headlines, you might think the talent crunch is finally over. Full Story: Forbes

What’s the Difference Between Branding and Customer Experience?

Brand building and customer experience go hand in hand. They may sound the same, Full Story: Digital Journal

Essential Graphic Design Tips: Elevate Your Designs with These Fundamentals

In the digital landscape of today’s business world, graphic design has become a fundamental element in effectively conveying messages and values. Full Story: readwrite

Amazon wants Alexa to bring AI into the home

Amazon expects generative AI to jolt its middle-aged Alexa voice assistant to new life. Full Story: Axios

How Voice Assistants Work and Why They’re Not Always Accurate

Phrase detection is just part of the process. Full Story: Make Use Of

Amazon Shares New Updates To Accessibility Features For Alexa

This month, Seattle-based Amazon has announced updates to a few accessibility features for the industry’s doyenne of digital assistants in Alexa. Full Story: Forbes

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