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14 Mega-Trends In Marketing Right Now

There are a lot of forces rocking marketing these days, and they don’t all start with AI. Full Story: Forbes

Why And How Local Businesses Should Use Video In Their Digital Marketing

Learn how local businesses can benefit from video digital marketing. Full Story: Search Engine Journal

How To Refresh 17 Tried-And-True Marketing Strategies For Gen-Z

Successful marketing strategies of the past are continually being reimagined and tailored to resonate with new generations. Full Story: Forbes

Google Announces Meridian, A Marketing Mix Modeling Tool

Google unveiled Meridian, an open-source marketing mix modeling (MMM) tool aimed at tackling crucial measurement challenges. Full Story: Forrester

The Ethical Dilemma Of AI In Marketing: A Slippery Slope

Artificial Intelligence has revolutionized the marketing landscape, offering businesses unprecedented insights into consumer behavior and preferences. Full Story: Forbes

11 AI marketing tools your team should be using in 2024

Artificial intelligence (AI) emerged as one of the hottest technology trends in 2023. Full Story: sproutsocial

20 Awesome Examples Of Social Media Marketing

Successful social media campaigns have one thing in common: They provide value to their audience. Full Story: Search Engine Journal

How AI Is Reshaping Social Media Platforms And 5 Tips For Success

In the dynamic landscape of modern society, the utilization of social media platforms is surging at an unprecedented rate. Full Story: Forbes

How These 2 Social Media Growth Opportunities Will Transform Business in 2024

Social media platforms are great tools for “listening” to ongoing conversations to understand what is important in your community. Full Story: Entrepreneur

The Best Social Media Marketing Tools to Work With in 2024

Social media marketing is one of the fundamental pillars of a successful marketing strategy. Full Story: Solutions Review

New social media features and updates to know this week

Updates from X, Reddit, Google and more. Full Story: PR Daily

Here’s the SEO Combination You Need to Win Google’s Algorithm

For an online presence that delivers results and high rankings long term, Full Story: Entrepreneur

Google’s March 2024 Core Update Impact: Hundreds Of Websites Deindexed

Google’s March 2024 Core Update deindexes hundreds of websites so far, Full Story: Search Engine Journal

Best of SearchBot: Create a blog content strategy to boost SEO

We ask Search Engine Land’s SearchBot for tips on choosing blog topics that will boost a website’s visibility in Google search results. Full Story: Search Engine Land

Ever Wonder Why Certain Websites Rank Higher Than Yours? This SEO Expert Reveals The Secret to Dominating Search Results

It’s often the smart use of SEO, now supercharged with AI, particularly in keyword optimization. Full Story: Entrepreneur

Avoiding Common SEO Mistakes: The Comprehensive Guide

With the help of SEO, ventures are successful in getting to the top of the search engine rankings. Full Story: BBN Times

SEO testing: Shifting from reactive to proactive strategies

Explore a systematic framework for SEO split testing. Learn how to identify, prioritize and execute tests effectively. Full Story: Search Engine Land

Google unveils new ad tools and updates for mobile app developers

Google is introducing a series of updates to help advertisers “enhance creativity, diversify revenue and make data-driven decisions.” Full Story: Search Engine Land

Best mobile app development software of 2024

Develop apps for your own business. Full Story: techradar

The Future of Mobile App Development with Edge Computing: Emerging trends, potential challenges, and opportunities

Edge computing is a framework that brings mobile apps near to data sources like IoT devices. Full Story: Analytics Insight

Google’s New Bulk Email Guidelines Incentivize Better Digital B2B Strategies

The digitization of the B2B space, from payments to marketplaces, is well-trodden ground by now. Full Story: PYMNTS

The Best Email Marketing Software for 2024

Whether you want to send your customers ads, surveys, newsletters, or special offers, Full Story: PC

What Is Shopify & How Does It Work?

Shopify is a user-friendly e-commerce platform that helps small businesses build an online store and sell online through one streamlined dashboard. Full Story: Forbes

Maximizing ROI: The Impact of Video Marketing on E-Commerce Revenue

Video marketing has taken the e-commerce world by storm, Full Story: TechBullion

New Ecommerce Tools: March 12, 2024

Every week, we publish a rundown of new products from companies offering services to ecommerce and omnichannel merchants. Full Story: PracticalEcommerce

Why evolving customer preferences are forcing brands to re-evaluate their e-commerce platforms

Thirty-seven trillion dollars. It seems like an unfathomable number, Full Story: USA Today

The Future of Market Research: Navigating the Knowledge Gap

Market research professionals are standing at the precipice of a revolution. Full Story: MediaVillage

How to augment market research and glean customer insights with AI

Learn how AI-driven data mining and sentiment analysis can deliver more accurate and actionable customer insights. Full Story: Martech

What is a Website Title: A Clear Explanation

What is a website title? A website title is a brief, descriptive text shown in browser tabs and search results, crucial for SEO and user orientation on the web. Full Story: Serchen

Why is PHP Still a Popular Server Language in the World?

The Enduring Popularity of PHP: Exploring Its Continued Relevance as a Server-Side Language. Full Story: Analytics Insight

Top 20 Best Programming Languages To Learn in 2024

Once upon a time, the world of computer programming was a mysterious and exclusive place. Full Story: simplilearn

The Evolution of Web Interfaces: Balancing Aesthetics and Functionality in Frontend Development

Since the introduction of the internet and web pages in the 1990s, interfaces have become increasingly prevalent in our lives. Full Story: Hackernoon

Top Programming Languages for Cyber Security Mastery

Explore these top programming languages for mastering your cybersecurity skills. Full Story: Analytics Insight

How AI is Changing Prospecting for Sales and Marketing Teams

As artificial intelligence continues to evolve, it’s no surprise that its applications within sales and marketing teams are becoming more profound and game-changing. Full Story: MarketScale

Can AI Be Used to Generate Marketing eBooks?

Are you poised to transform how you craft marketing eBooks? Full Story: readwrite

Unlocking Business Intelligence

This is where the power of next-generation data grids comes into play, transforming the way businesses approach analytics and decision-making. Full Story: The Boss Magazine

AI for Business Development: 3 Ways to Grow SMBs Using AI

The year 2023 can aptly be summed up as a year of exploration, with the remarkable debut and early applications of generative artificial intelligence (AI). Full Story: allBusiness

20+ Graphic Design Statistics That You Should Know in 2024

Graphic design is the essence of visual representation. Full Story: G2

Unleash Your Creative Potential with Canva: 5 Essential Features to Discover

Designing eye-catching visuals is an essential skill in today’s digital world, Full Story: Technomosis

10 Best AI Photo Editing Tools

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital imagery, AI photo editing tools offer an array of functionalities that transform the art and efficiency of photo editing. Full Story: Unite.Ai

Amazon ​​Alexa vs. Google Home: Which assistant should you pick in 2024?

Who wins the battle for the best smart voice assistant? Full Story: Good Housekeeping

How to make Siri read incoming messages in multiple languages

With iOS 17.4, Apple released new emojis, a host of major changes to how the App Store works in the European Union, and transcripts for the Apple Podcasts app. Full Story: BGR

How to remotely control your Alexa smart speaker or smart display

As sensitive as the far-field microphone on your Amazon Echo speakers is, you can’t always be close enough for Alexa to hear you. Full Story: Android Police

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