4 Marketing Strategies That Will Help You Increase Sales

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Omnichannel Marketing — And How To Make It Work For Your Business

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3 Marketing Messaging Mistakes That Prevent E-Commerce Brands From Generating More Sales

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Three Emerging Must-Have Marketing Tools

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5 Tips You Need To Implement A Solid B2B Marketing Strategy

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Adapting Your Marketing Strategies In A Cookieless World

I love cookies. Chocolate chip, peanut butter, shortbread, white chocolate, monster — there is rarely a cookie I can do without. Full Story: Forbes

4 Digital Marketing Strategies to Improve Branding

A well-crafted digital marketing strategy drives business growth and increases and broadens customer engagement. Full Story: WhaTech

Three Quick Steps That Can Help Optimize your B2B Social Media Strategy

To drive a solid online marketing strategy, social media has to figure in the plan of action, in some way or other. Full Story: MartechSeries

Social media can expand an organization’s reach

Companies and organizations around the world are invested in the use of social media to attract attention to their products or mission. Full Story: Cleveland Jewish News

Instagram Updates: Changes That Affect Marketers

Are you up to date on changes from Instagram? Wondering which Instagram updates are important to marketers and business owners? Full Story: SocialMedia Examiner

Is Letting AI Take Over Your Social Media a Good Idea? Here Are the Stats

There’s nothing worse than slaving over a detailed, long-form social media post for a few hours

only to see it get a few likes. Full Story: Hackernoon

Beyond likes and shares: A how-to guide to social media privacy

Here’s an informative guideline to staying safe and protecting your accounts online. Full Story: UCalgary News

Why Marketers Should Add Autocomplete To Their SEO Tactics

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SEO outcomes vs. SEO outputs: Understanding the difference

Here’s how focusing on outcomes, not just outputs, can align your SEO efforts with your organization’s goals, resulting in a holistic impact. Full Story: Search Engine Land

5 SEO mistakes sacrificing quantity and quality (and how to fix them)

Quality and quantity in SEO don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Full Story: Search Engine Land

WordPress Update Improves Page Speed With Smarter Script Loading

WordPress update adds deferred script loading for faster page speeds and site performance. Full Story: Search Engine Journal

Exploring programmatic SEO: Real-world examples and insights

Explore programmatic SEO through practical examples, from travel and template collections to product comparisons and database-driven pages. Full Story: Search Engine Land

The Role of AI in Shaping the Future of Mobile App Development

Mobile app development has come a long way since the beginning of the smartphone era. Full Story: nasscom community

What makes a great app experience?

A couple of weeks back, I was invited to be the keynote speaker for the Masterclassing Mobile App Workshop. Full Story: Mobile Marketing

How Mobile Advertising Differs from All Other Ad Formats

Mobile advertising is one of the fastest growing facets of digital marketing. Full Story: Small Business Trends

How to Use Digital Signage to Influence Purchasing Behavior at Your C-store

Digital signage enables C-stores to captivate customers’ attention with visual content that highlights products and enhances every shopping experience. Full Story: Digital Signage Today

9 Strategies for boosting revenue with digital menu boards

In today’s fast-paced world, delivering unparalleled convenience to customers is at the top of the priority list for service-focused businesses. Full Story: Digital Signage Today

5 Steps to Fuel Your Email Marketing Efforts Before the Holidays

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5 Tools to Help You Manage Email Newsletter Overload

The problem with email newsletters is there are so many good ones. Full Story: Wired

Your email marketing strategy should not be a one-size-fits-all experience

Email marketing is not a one-size-fits-all game — it’s about delivering the right message to the right people at the right time. Full Story: Fast Company

E-Commerce Brands: 3 Mistakes To Avoid This Holiday Season

Over the past 20 years that I’ve been involved in e-commerce, Full Story: Forbes

Marketer’s Guide: Why You Need To Know About The New Ecommerce Ad Metrics

Warning (and an apology): You are about to be hit with a new crop of three, four and five-letter acronyms. Full Story: ad exchanger

New Google Analytics Reports Unveil Customer Retail Experience

Explore how Google Analytics reports have evolved to track ecommerce sales. Full Story: Cmswire

What Are the Best Marketing Channels for eCommerce Businesses?

eCommerce businesses have a multitude of channels at their disposal to reach and engage with their target audience. Full Story: Flux

How to Ensure Your Ecommerce Packaging is Cost-Effective Yet Impactful

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, the e-commerce industry has experienced unprecedented growth, Full Story: The News Reporter

10 Proven PR Strategies For A Seamless Public Offering

The lead-up to an initial public offering (IPO) can be scary. Full Story: Forbes

I’m Already Doing Marketing and Advertising. Do I Really Need Public Relations Too?

With my new book PR Confidential: Unlocking the Secrets to Creating a Powerful Public Image, Full Story: CEOWORLD Magazine

How to transform public relations with blockchain technology

Blockchain technology is transforming public relations by offering transparency, trust, and content control. Full Story: e27

The 19 Best Market Research Tools Of 2023

Market research is a crucial component of any business strategy. Full Story: Search Engine Journal

The Future of Web Development: Trends and Technologies

Web development will remain an integral component of the internet. It constantly advances as technologies, Full Story: TechRound

Python Metaclass Tutorial with Examples

Learn about Python metaclasses, how to define and use them, and explore examples to understand their functionality with this comprehensive tutorial. Full Story: TechRepublic

PHP or Python: Which is Best for Mobile App Development?

A comprehensive guide to understanding PHP vs. Python in mobile app development. Full Story: Analytics Insight

Full Stack Developer Skills: What You Need to Know

Full stack developers have a complicated set of tasks: they must master not only the user-facing aspects of a website or service. Full Story: Dice

Scripting vs. programming languages: Where they differ

Choosing a programming language is often dictated by the problem the programmer wants to solve and the compute goal that a language is designed to achieve. Full Story: TechTarget

4 Websites With Practical HTML and CSS Projects for Beginners

Put your HTML and CSS skills into practice with these top-notch project challenge sites. Full Story: Make Use Of

Compare 10 top marketing automation platforms

Learn the strengths of leading vendors like Adobe, Oracle, Salesforce and more. Full Story: Martech

The Urgent Need For Marketing AI And Automation Education

AI and automation have left the realm of science fiction to become critical tools in today’s marketing arena. Full Story: Forbes

What’s the Difference Between Traditional and Generative AI?

The evolution of artificial intelligence has made this technology more accessible to businesses of all sizes. Full Story: U.S. Chamber of Commerce

The email marketer’s guide to effective marketing automation

Learn smart ways to implement email automation. Use transactional, trigger and journey emails for higher engagement and conversions. Full Story: Martech

The power of predictive analytics: Is the future now?

Learn how to leverage GA4’s predictive metrics to forecast customer behavior and inform your marketing campaigns. Full Story: Martech

Top 10 Data Analytics Platforms to Watch

To make the most of big data, choosing the right analytics platform is key. Full Story: CmsWire

Why your business needs to invest in embedded BI

In this day and age, businesses are constantly searching for strategies to enhance their operational capability. Full Story: Workplace Insight

Unlock Your Career Potential With The Power Of Personal Branding

Personal branding has grown in popularity in recent years and has become known as one of the most effective marketing tools. Full Story: Forbes

How to use authentic personal branding to your advantage

Personal branding is one of these terms that is thrown around on LinkedIn right now. Full Story: Accountancy Age

What is Branding Strategy and the Soul of a Brand?

To lay a foundation for business growth requires both emotional and rational dimensions. Full Story: JD Supra

How AI is changing graphic design

We spoke to leading graphic designers to discover how and why they’re using AI. Full Story: Creative Bloq

How to Use Voice Assistants in Your Home

In an increasingly interconnected world, voice assistants have emerged as transformative tools for simplifying daily life. Full Story: readwrite

How to Change Siri’s Default Messaging App in iOS 17

Nothing can beat the convenience of using Siri to send a message to your contacts. Full Story: Beebom

What Is A Smart Home Speaker

Welcome to the world of smart home speakers! In today’s technologically advanced era, Full Story: Robots.Net

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