17 Steps Leaders Overlook When Crafting A Winning Marketing Strategy

The first introduction of a new product or service is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to crafting a successful marketing campaign. Full Story: Forbes

Blending B2B Marketing Fundamentals With AI’s Infinite Possibilities

The world is buzzing with excitement about ChatGPT and the many new AI applications and companies launching almost daily. Full Story: Forbes

Transforming Industries: How Marketing Enables B2B Platforms

B2B platform business models are distinct from B2C platforms, as B2C platforms generally focus on transactional e-commerce as a digital matchmaker. Full Story: Forbes

3 reasons short-form video is one of the best — and cheapest — marketing tools small businesses can use

Short-form videos can be produced easily and inexpensively and offer high levels of engagement. Full Story: Insider

Nine Creative B2B Influencer Marketing Strategies For The Holidays

Influencer partnerships can be potent tools to amplify brand messages and drive engagement in B2B marketing. Full Story: Forbes

9 Best Ecommerce Marketing Plugins in 2023

In the thriving world of eCommerce, marketing is more than just an option; it is a lifeline that can significantly enhance growth and sales. Full Story: readwrite

5 Tips For An Employee Social Media Program

Many business leaders are paralyzed with fear that employees may damage their brand online while also too afraid to restrict social media participation. Full Story: Forbes

Social Media Branding: How To Get It Right

Social media branding is a powerful marketing tool. Full Story: Search Engine Journal

34 Predictions for Social Media Marketing in 2024

Can you believe that it’s now almost four years since we were all locked inside of our homes, Full Story: Social Media Today

20+ Experts Share Insights: 2024 Strategies For Social Media — AI, User-Generated Content & More

Which platforms should you prioritize for social media in 2024? Full Story: Search Engine Journal

How to use Google Bard for better SEO

Don’t miss out on Bard’s strategic advantage in SEO. Full Story: Search Engine Land

How To Identify The Blue Ocean For Link Building Strategy

Transform your link building approach from traditional to incorporate the Blue Ocean Strategy. Full Story: Search Engine Journal

4 Latest SEO Trends to Help With Better Ranking

What the search engine algorithms looked favorably upon yesterday may not work to your digital content’s advantage today. Full Story: CmsWire

Debunking 10 Common SEO Misconceptions

Search engine optimization is a key component of any marketing plan, but it’s also one of the most misunderstood. Full Story: Forbes

Reassessing the role of links in SEO: What data tells us

Is your SEO strategy too focused on backlinks? Full Story: Search Engine Land

How small-business owners use YouTube for SEO-driven marketing

Starting a YouTube channel can be a heavy lift but can have big marketing benefits. Full Story: Insider

Manual mobile app testing is still important

Automation is a great way to check on a mobile app’s performance and basic functionality. Full Story: TechTarget

Top Mobile App Security Risks: From Risky Behavior to Hidden Malicious Code

In recent years, especially with hybrid work, almost everyone uses an iOS or Android device for work. Full Story: MSSP Alert

CMS trends: How AI in digital signage will redefine the customer experience

In any industry, digital signage enables organizations to quickly and effectively deploy engaging content to specific locations for specific purposes. Full Story: Digital Signage Today

Why DOOH is the Vital Link from In-Home to In-Store Along the Path to Purchase

Prime Big Deals Day kickstarted the holiday shopping season with enticing online offers. Full Story: MediaVillage

How Companies Can Leverage Media For A Better World

Media has an unparalleled ability to shape public opinion, influence behaviors and bring critical issues to the forefront of society. Full Story: Forbes

Improving Email Marketing With Generative AI. How it Can Help You and Tips Before Use

Artificial intelligence is now being talked about on every corner. Full Story: readwrite

How To Reduce Your Email Bounce Rate & Boost Email Marketing Campaigns

When you’re reaching out to a mass email list with your business offering, Full Story: Search Engine Journal

Transforming email addresses into actionable insights

Think beyond the inbox: gain a deeper understanding of your consumers to personalize campaigns and optimize engagement. Full Story: Martech

10 Ways to Leverage Predictive Analytics for E-commerce Success

In today’s highly competitive e-commerce landscape, businesses are constantly seeking innovative strategies to gain a competitive edge and drive success. Full Story: Analytics Insight

Five Quick Tips For Optimizing Your Checkout Page

Are you interested in learning how to maximize sales and engagement by optimizing your checkout page? Full Story: Forbes

Choosing the Right Web Hosting for E-commerce: Tips and Recommendations

Selecting the optimal web hosting solution is one of the most critical decisions to make when starting an e-commerce business. Full Story: Robotics and Automation News

13 Profitable E-Commerce Business Ideas For 2023

To evaluate inclusions for this list of profitable e-commerce business ideas for 2023, Full Story: Forbes

6 tips for PR pros to reach the top

To truly grow in PR, professionals need to embrace the multifaceted nature of the industry. Full Story: Business Live

Learn how generative Al is transforming PR

PR pros acknowledge Al’s vast potential. But there’s still a reluctance to embrace Al tools. Full Story: PRWeek

Website Development: A Beginner’s Guide

Website development is a crucial step for any small business looking to establish an online presence, and you need to get it right. Full Story: Forbes

How to install Node.js on Windows

If you do any kind of work that involves JavaScript, you might want to use Node.js, and you can install it on Windows with these steps. Full Story: XDA Developers

6 ways AI is changing web design

From chatbots to user experience, AI is having a profound impact on the web. Full Story: Creative Bloq

Learn About Vue.js Watchers to Improve Your Web App Development

Use watchers to monitor changes and implement behavior more intuitively. Full Story: Make Use Of

Is PHP Still Relevant? 12 Reasons Why PHP is Still Relevant in Web Development

PHP is still relevant due to its active developer community and constant updates, ensuring it keeps up with industry standards. Full Story: BBN Times

Node.js 21 Release Updates V8 Engine, WebSteams Module and Test Runner

The Node.js team has recently released Node.js 21. This release introduces changes such as updates to the V8 JavaScript engine, Full Story: InfoQ

12 marketing automation hacks to save time and money

To provide you with the most effective marketing automation hacks, we’ve gathered insights from twelve professionals, including Directors of Marketing and CEOs. Full Story: AZ Big Media

4 Ways AI Is Changing Marketing

How can AI be harnessed to drive more effective and efficient marketing? Full Story: Forbes

Marketing Analytics: Biggest Challenges Marketers Face

Marketing Analytics is the discipline of gathering, Full Story: Martech Series

How to ensure business intelligence projects succeed

Learning to use a new generation of AI-based BI tools is vital for survival in the competitive FMCG space, and change management is critical. Full Story: IT web

5 Main Uses of Generative AI in Business Intelligence & Data Analytics

Generative AI is all the rage. Full Story: Hackernoon

5 Employer Branding Mistakes Companies Often Make

The current labor shortage is a key challenge for businesses in most Western countries. Full Story: Forbes

The Power of Logo Design in Branding: A Detailed Study

In the fast-paced world of business, where first impressions matter more than ever, Full Story: Modern Diplomacy

When a Change to Your Business Means ‘Brand’ Takes Centre Stage

Brand is all about influencing how people think, feel and behave. Full Story: LBB

5 Things You Need To Know About Becoming A Graphic Designer

Those wishing to enter the design industry have another reason to look to Victoria for their tertiary education, Full Story: The Design Files

How New Voice Technologies Will Change The Way We Live And Do Business

How will new voice technologies change the way we live and do business? Full Story: Forbes

How to Modify Alexa to Only Respond to Your Voice

See how you can make your Echo device more secure with a few changes to Alexa. Full Story: Make Use Of

All The New Alexa Features In 2023 You Didn’t Know About

Large Language Models (LLMs) provide a glimpse into a future where the divide between machines and humans is significantly narrowed. Full Story: Augustman

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