Where Does Earned Media Fit Into Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

How Can Small Brands Compete In A Crowded Digital Marketing Space? Full Story: Forbes

How To Transform Your Marketing By Returning To Fundamentals

Marketing used to be so simple. Before there was social media, Full Story: Forbes

How Can Small Brands Compete In A Crowded Digital Marketing Space?

In today’s highly competitive digital marketing landscape, Full Story: Forbes

How to optimize your marketing budget: Do more with less

With an economic downturn looming, it’s not surprising around 75% of CMOs report being asked to do more with less in a Gartner survey. Full Story: sproutsocial

Don’t make these 6 common marketing mistakes with your small business

Make sure your brand is consistent and that you know your customer. Full Story: Morning Star

Help Them Help You: A Powerful Marketing Approach

When you walk into the doctor’s office, how do you get the help you need? Full Story: Forbes

How to Build Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Looking to fine-tune your social media marketing strategy? Full Story: sproutsocial

How to Using Social Media to Drive Growth

You can revolutionize your marketing strategy by creating brand-aligned partnerships with influencers, Full Story: Entrepreneur

5 charts that explain the new era for social media

The old form of social networking may be dying. But our forecast shows people spend more time on social platforms, Full Story: Insider Intelligence

Maximizing Business Efficiency with Social Media Automation

Learn how brands can harness the power of automation tools to elevate their social media presence and expand their reach. Full Story: spiceworks

The 4 Most Effective Types of Content to Share on Social Media

Are you looking for ways to improve your social media marketing strategy? Full Story: SocialMedia Today

Mastering Social Media Marketing Workshops

In today’s digital landscape, social media is the key to unlocking your brand’s potential. Full Story: Madison Public Library

The Importance Of Starting Your SEO Campaign With Strategy Development

Doing tactics aimlessly can be a waste, even if you’ve automated them. Ensure every SEO campaign is aligned with this guide. Full Story: Search Engine Journal

How SEO Can Drive More Leads To A Business

Digital marketing is the process of creating, managing, and delivering a marketing message that uses digital technologies. Full Story: Digital Journal

How to use Quora for SEO and research

Learn how to think outside traditional search volumes and keyword metrics and explore unlimited discussions on a particular topic on Quora. Full Story: Search Engine Journal

How to create an SEO content plan with Google Sheets functions

Prioritize content creation and updates with these simple, time-saving functions and formulas in Google Sheets. Full Story: Full Story: Search Engine Journal

What your enterprise SEO audit may be missing

Build a strong SEO foundation for your enterprise website. Learn how to bridge the gaps in your technical SEO with this guide. Full Story: Search Engine Journal

Is Domain Authority relevant to SEO in the 21st Century?

DA seems to upset some people. If you think of it as a barometer rather than thermometer, your rage will subside. Full Story: Browser Media

Crush Your Competitors with Mobile Marketing in Branding

Staying ahead of the competition is vital for businesses of all sizes. Full Story: Telemedia Online

Affiliate marketing for mobile marketers: a guide to success

The Emerging Software team explains how mobile marketers can harness the power of affiliate marketing to monetize their apps and websites. Full Story: Mobile Marketing Magazine

YouTube unleashes AI tools to make it easier to create content

The world’s video behemoth YouTube has launched a suite of creator tools that use AI to speed up content production and improve audience outreach. Full Story: Mobile Marketing Magazine

Pinterest confirms slew of ‘full-funnel’ ad tools

Social design inspiration company Pinterest has unveiled a set of new ad products including quizzes, previews and mobile deep links. Full Story: Mobile Marketing Magazine

9 Strategies for Boosting Revenue with Digital Menu Boards

Nine strategies to help you harness the power of digital menu boards and drive revenue growth at your C-store, retail petroleum, grocery store or quick service. Full Story: Digital Signage Today

The golden rules for video digital signage

In this blog, we delve into the essential components that make up the foundation of effective digital signage video design, Full Story: Fast Casual

How Digital Signage Can Increase Sales and Lengthen Customer Visits

When it’s time to fill up their tanks, most consumers visit convenience stores where they spend time only in the forecourt. Full Story: CSP Daily News

Five Ways To Use AI In Email Marketing Today

Pardon me if you’ve already heard, but AI is kind of a big deal in 2023. Full Story: Forbes

3 Data-Driven Tips to Get Buyers to Love Your Emails

We know today’s IT buyers are inundated with email messages every day, Full Story: TechTarget

Top 10 AI Email Automation Tools in 2023

Email marketing remains a powerful tool for businesses to connect with their audiences, but managing email campaigns can be time-consuming and complex. Full Story: Analytics Insight

AMP for Email: The Ultimate Guide for Marketers

The email channel is mature. Most of what consumers receive from brands is fairly predictable — Full Story: G2

Engagement-Based Email Segmentation: How to Ensure Your Messages Land in the Inbox

More emails are being sent today than ever before: The number sent and received is projected to reach 376.4 billion by 2025. Full Story: MarketingProf

Evolution of Direct Selling from E-commerce to Social Commerce

Well, it’s been a long time since we’ve been exposed to the influence of technology on our daily routines. Full Story: readwrite

5 Simple Strategies To Supercharge Your E-Commerce Product Pages

E-commerce has evolved greatly over the past 20 years. Full Story: Forbes

How to optimize your ecommerce ad spend and budget for the best ROI

Ready to optimize your ecommerce ad spend? Learn tips for smarter budget allocation and creative approaches that resonate with your audience. Full Story: Search Engine Land

Packaging needs are changing with e-commerce

As e-commerce grows, the packaging needs of bakers and snack makers are changing, Full Story: Baking Business

How to Write Quality Content for E-Commerce Website 10x Faster

Content is one of the pillars of any e-commerce platform. Whichever products you sell, Full Story: readwrite

How Plural Keywords Impact Search Intent For Ecommerce

How does the use of singular and plural keywords influence search intent and results? Full Story: Search Engine Journal

How PR Can Drive Leads And Secure Great Media Coverage

When I was in college and decided to officially make public relations my major, Full Story: Forbes

Rise of Public Relations (PR) 2.0

PUBLIC relations (PR) has experienced a profound transformation in the digital age, giving birth to PR 2.0. Full Story: TheManila Times

When the Public Relations fail

It’s worth noting that social media and new media represent vital components of the mass communication landscape. Full Story: The Sangai Express

Market Research for B2B Marketing Success

Imagine you’re a chef, and you’ve just created a new dish. Full Story: MarketingProfs

Evaluating Web Development Options For Your Business

In an earlier article, I discussed the topic of digital presence and how in this day and age, Full Story: Forbes

Why Python Surpasses JavaScript and C++ in Ranking

In recent years, Python has emerged as one of the most popular programming languages, Full Story: Analytics Insight

Rust vs. C++: Differences and use cases

C++ was mature before Rust even existed. Does that mean developers should switch from C++ to Rust? Not always. Full Story: TechTarget

5 Best Web Technologies for Web Developers to Use in 2023

Web developers must stay updated with the most recent web technologies because the area of web development is always evolving. Full Story: Analytics Insight

10 Tips for Optimizing Front-End Performance in Your Web Applications

Today, we have brought the ten most effective tips to increase your website performance. Full Story: startup.info

How to balance core marketing automation functions with innovation

Here are three areas where marketing automation leaders can find balance between consistency and the ability to transform. Full Story: Martech

It’s Not Too Late To Market With AI. Here’s How To Start

With her launch of the 2023 Emerging Tech Trend Report at SXSW, Full Story: Forbes

A sales-side view of marketing, automation and AI

The head of sales for Babbel gives an inside look at working with marketing, putting together a campaign and more. Full Story: Martech

How AI Will Help Marketers Harness Psychology To Drive Consumer Purchase Decisions

A marketer’s role is to inspire consumers to embrace a product or service, Full Story: Forbes

A beginner’s guide to marketing analytics

Does the term ‘marketing analytics’ sound familiar to you? Full Story: London Post

How marketing business intelligence empowers you to reach your customers

Awareness. Consideration. Decision. Purchase. The four stages of the marketing and sales funnel. Full Story: sproutsocial

12 measures for employer branding and employer attractiveness

A list of the most important measures for internal and external visibility of your employer brand. Full Story: More Than Digital

The Importance Of Branding: How MunchMakers Can Help Your Brand Stand Out

In the ever-expanding landscape of the cannabis industry, there is one game-changing factor for companies striving to make their impact: branding. Full Story: Herb

Personal Branding for Executives: Leveraging Social Media for Leadership Success

In an era where consumers are looking for transparency, authenticity and engagement, Full Story: National Law Review

The Best Photo Editing Software of 2023

People have more photos than ever before, thanks to the smartphone in their pocket which has a better camera than many standalone cameras of just a few years ago. Full Story: US News

What is Alexa?

Alexa is a cloud-based voice assistant developed by Amazon, Full Story: Techopedia

What is Trending in Voice Assistant Application Market? What are the strategies to Boost Business in Forecast years?

Massive returns are possible within this market! Full Story: Benzinga

How to Change “Hey Siri” to Just “Siri” on iPhone, iPad, & Mac

Apple is making it effortless to activate its Siri voice assistant with the latest iOS 17 and macOS Sonoma update. Full Story: Beebom

Amazon AI will drive ‘entirely new,’ chattier Alexa voice assistant

Nearly 10 years after Amazon launched its voice assistant Alexa, Full Story: The Seattle Times

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