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Top 5 influencer marketing strategies for holiday sales

Promotional campaigns across various channels are in full swing as brands and influencers prepare for the holidays around the corner. Full Story:

The Importance of An Effective Marketing Strategy in Reaching Your Business Goals

Marketing is one of the most important aspects of a business yet is often underestimated, especially within the startup world. Full Story: Entrepreneur

10 Ways to Help Your Current Online Marketing Strategy Go Further

Any business that aims to compete in 2022 needs an online marketing strategy. If your efforts aren’t getting your desired results, it may be time to adjust. Full Story: Small Business Trends

Four Digital Marketing Lead Gen Tactics Not to Give Up On

If your company is like ours, you’ve probably had your share of annual marketing planning meetings. You know what you need to do, but the how isn’t always clear-or it’s continually changing. Full Story: MarketingProfs

Start an Affiliate Marketing Side Hustle to Bring in Passive Income

It can pay dividends for your primary business. Full Story: Entrepreneur

Lessons in Personalization: What Netflix Can Teach Marketing & Sales Teams

Businesses looking for ways to meet buyers where they are can glean three core lessons from the king of personalization: Netflix. Full Story: Entrepreneur

Why Marketing Agencies Should Use Blockchain Technology

Blockchain has emerged as an industry disrupter in marketing, and here’s why you should be implementing it in your marketing suite. Full Story: Entrepreneur

Simple Online Security for Social Media Accounts

If you have online accounts on every major platform, especially social media accounts, then you know how difficult it can be to manage the privacy settings on each of them. Full Story: The New York Times

Five Ways To Make Social Media Work For Your Business

Think back to the last time you decided to purchase something. Chances are you either heard about the item on social media or looked up reviews online prior to your purchase. Full Story: Forbes

13 Tips to Schedule Your Day as a Social Media Manager

Looking for ways to map out your day as a social media manager, and optimize your time? Full Story: Social Media Today

Instagram’s Removed In-Stream Video Ad Placements from its Advertising Options

Instagram’s taken another small step towards its next evolution, with ad partners now being informed that in-stream video ad placement is no longer available as an option in the app. Full Story: Social Media Today

4 technical SEO tasks that are critical to organic success

Technical SEO is a necessity. Here are four key technical tasks SEOs should take care of to help increase organic visibility. Full Story: Search Engine Land

3 Ways Amazon SEO Can Go Wrong

SEO on Amazon is very different from SEO on Google. Taking the time understand and implement Amazon SEO best practices can pay off in the form of more visibility and more sales for your brand. Full Story: Entrepreneur

How to change the default search engine in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge has become a very solid browser ever since Microsoft transitioned to using the Chromium project as a base, and that means Windows 11 comes with a great browser right out of the box. Full Story: XDA Developers

Google doesn’t want your AI-generated SEO spam content

Filed under ‘not new, but a good reminder’: AI-generated content is ‘spam’ and is against Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. Full Story: Search Engine Land

Data science could revive targeted marketing after iOS 14 privacy crackdown

Even before the iOS 14.5 update, protecting consumer privacy has been a high priority for big tech and for brands and marketing. Full Story: VentureBeat

M-Commerce is booming — is your mobile app as secure as you think?

When performing tasks, payments, transactions and generally browsing the internet on a desktop, we are often reminded to keep our guard up against possible threats. Full Story: Finextra

Top 7 Mobile App Metrics to Measure Success & Tips to Optimize Them

The mobile app market has exploded remarkably in recent years, and it’s now more important than ever to understand how to measure your app’s success before, during, and after launch. Full Story: CustomerThink

Inside the relaunch of The Economist’s subscription mobile app

The Economist quietly relaunched its subscription mobile app in March, unveiling a new design, more personalized content, additional features and a higher price tag. Full Story: Digiday

Why it’s wise for Amazon to jump into DOOH

In efforts to promote its “Just Walk Out” purchasing app, retail giant Amazon is getting a helping hand from the digital-out-of-home marketplace. Full Story: Digital Signage Today

Why 2022 is the year for out-of-home advertising

OOH has evolved significantly in recent years and has become a cost-effective solution for reaching consumers both nationally and locally. OOH and more specifically, digital out-of-home, is providing brands with the confidence and data to support their media plans. Full Story: Digital Signage Today

How Is Artificial Intelligence Reshaping The Email Marketing World?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not an alien concept anymore. Full Story: YourStory

Why your email marketing campaign isn’t producing results

Your B2B email marketing strategy isn’t something you can afford to be passive about. Full Story: The Business Journals

What an effective e-commerce strategy in 2022 looks like for brands

Zhou Junjie, the chief commercial officer at Shopee, explains that in order to build an effective e-commerce strategy, brands have to… Full Story: The Drum

How commerce data can drive long-term e-commerce growth

Customer data is having a moment. As the pandemic sent the last of the digital hold-outs careening towards e-commerce, companies suddenly… Full Story: The Drum

Six Things Everyone Should Know About Public Relations

The lines between marketing, advertising and public relations are becoming more blurred by the minute. Full Story: Forbes

10 Common Startup Mistakes When Doing PR

There’s a lot that goes into public relations programs behind the scenes. Full Story: Forbes

Tactical Communication Market Is Estimated To Reach USD 18 Billion By 2031 Fact.MR

According to Fact.MR, Insights of Tactical Communication Market is a specialized and in-depth study of the industry with a special focus on the Key Trends of Tactical Communication Market is a Service. Full Story: Digital Journal

What Is a Full Stack Developer? How Do I Become a Full Stack Web Developer?

If you’re considering taking full-stack web development certification courses, this is the right article. Full Story: Upto Brain


There is no doubt that Big Data analytics runs the world. The Big Data industry itself is the very picture of swirling change. Full Story: Analytics Insight

Why we care about AI in marketing

To engage customers in a personal way, at a very large scale, AI or machine learning is essential. Full Story: MarTech

These influencer marketing platforms help brands choose the perfect match

The definition of marketing has changed in the generation of GenZ and millennials, with brands now focussing on bloggers, Instagrammers, and YouTubers. Full Story: YourStory

Adopting big data for business intelligence

It’s hardly contested nowadays that business intelligence is beneficial to any organization, regardless of industry. Full Story: BetaNews

Look for These Top 10 Big Data Companies to Work for in 2022

Big data is digitally transforming and empowering businesses with data to make the right decisions. Full Story: Analytics Insight

The Real Meaning Behind Apple’s Brand Name

We’ve got Microsoft, NVIDIA, IBM, AMD, Atari, and thousands of other names that either don’t mean anything or that relate to technology in some way. Full Story: SlashGear

Don’t Let A Misguided AI Strategy Sabotage Your Brand Experience

Having a positive brand experience is critical across the entire customer journey. With the rapid adoption of artificial intelligence (AI), more… Full Story: Forbes

How to Stream Prime Video on Your Amazon Echo Show

Of what use would a “smart display” be if you can’t stream videos, shows, and movies from your favorite streaming platforms? Full Story: Dignited

Charting a New Frontier in the Customer Experience with Voice AI

“Sorry, all our customer service agents are busy at the moment. Please hold and we will be with you shortly.” Cue a lengthy jingle. While refrains like this have become a staple in customer hotline greetings in recent years, they do not have to remain so. Full Story: Tech Wire Asia

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