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Adapt Your Digital Marketing Strategy to Post-Pandemic Consumer Behaviors

Advertisers could count on this behavior as the status quo-until the pandemic hit. Full Story: Harvard Business Review

The Top Marketing Trends for 2022: Cookieless Replaces Contactless

It’s fair to say that professionals of all stripes have been and continue to be massively impacted by a wide range of changes related to the COVID-19 pandemic, circumstances fraught with both opportunities and challenges. Full Story: Destination CRM

6 Financial Advisor Marketing Tips

Utilize these six steps to craft a successful strategy that aims to put a spotlight on your name and business. Full Story: Forbes

Inclusive Omnichannel Marketing Tips Every Company Should Know

While omnichannel marketing is not a new concept, it is getting increasingly important as technology advances and customers have become more tech-savvy. Full Story: Forbes

KPIs in marketing: what are they and how to measure them?

In business, in general, one must always start out with the end goal, the objective, in mind. Full Story: Doxee

How a Competitor Analysis Can Boost Your Marketing

Strategic, well-informed marketing can be key to boosting occupancy, building your audience’s trust in your business, and more. Full Story: I Advance Senior Care

Why 2022 is the year of ‘relationship marketing’

It turns out, greater personalisation yields return-on-investment (ROI) and long-term consumer excitement. Full Story: Marketing Tech News

How to Increase Conversion Rate on Social Media in 2022

The significance of social media for digital marketing is undeniable. Full Story: Foundr

How Your Company Can Stay Active on Social Media

Simply having a presence online isn’t enough to retain, and obtain, new customers. Full Story: For Construction Pros

How to Use Social Media to Get & Nurture Leads?

Do you still think social media is about sharing videos and photos or connecting with family and friends? Full Story: Digital Journal

LinkedIn Adds New Event Engagement Options, Simplified ‘Repost’ Process

LinkedIn’s looking to provide more engagement options, in order to build on its record levels of user activity, with new comment and comment reply options on Event pages. Full Story: Social Media Today

Five SEO Mistakes That Can Affect Your Google Ranking (And How To Avoid Them)

If you want more website visitors, you have to get your website to the top of the search engine results page (SERP). Full Story: Forbes

How to measure the value of SEO with CTR

While all SEO tasks are important for the success of your site, there’s a key distinction that should be drawn: those that have the potential to increase revenue, and those that are designed to prevent revenue decreases. Full Story: Search Engine Land

7 Methods To Research & Analyze Your Audience For SEO

How can you get more relevant website traffic and improve your conversions? Learn how to dive deep into your audience for better SEO results. Full Story: Search Engine Journal

The PPC Dilemma: Why Your Agency’s Growth Is Limited & How To Fix It

Do you want to offer top-notch PPC management without depriving your most lucrative offerings? Understand the PPC Dilemma and how to fix it. Full Story: Search Engine Journal

Common Mobile Marketing Mistakes and How to Fix Them

With just a few simple adjustments, any mobile marketer can avoid the pitfalls that negatively affect a mobile marketing strategy. Full Story: Tech Times

The 7 Best Small Business Mobile Ad Networks

It’s safe to say that mobiles have become an extremely crucial part of our lives. They’ve also majorly decreased the use of desktop computers. Full Story: Small Business Trends

Metaverse mobile app for the masses

In the future, artists, gamers, and consumers will all meet in an atmosphere that encourages connection, creativity, and commerce. Full Story: App Developer Magazine

My Possible Self: Can This Mobile App Improve Your Mental Health?

Mental health is crucial for enjoying a high quality of life, and My Possible Self is one of many apps focusing on this area. Full Story: MakeUseOf

How To Use Digital Out-Of-Home Strategies To Mitigate Supply Chain Woes In 2022

Some companies barely got through the holidays unscathed by supply chain issues when they got hit by additional Covid-19 surges. Full Story: Forbes

Digital Signage for Enterprise: How to Manage 100+ Screens

Do you intend to manage 100 screen in one location? Full Story: TechRound

Looking for a New Email Marketing Platform?

A robust email marketing plan can help marketers nurture, acquire, retain customers, enhance referral and cross-marketing goals while also supporting sales… Full Story: MarTech Series

What Is Email Marketing?

Email marketing sends promotions and branded content via email to help businesses boost sales, build relationships and stay top of mind with existing and potential customers. Full Story: Forbes

13 Foolproof Methods For Leveraging Instagram To Its Fullest E-Commerce Potential

Instagram has become a surprisingly profitable storefront for e-commerce brands. Full Story: Forbes

How Quick Commerce Is Changing the E-commerce Landscape In India

While quick commerce’s superfast delivery model separates it from the more traditional e-commerce setup, there are several other areas where the two function differently. Full Story: Entrepreneur

No budget for PR? Here are 4 free ways to promote your company

PR is hard to do well, which is why good PR agencies and top in-house talent are expensive. If you don’t have the budget for either one, that doesn’t mean your hands are tied. You just have to get creative. Full Story: Fast Company

PR pros, here’s how you can give dark PR the boot

Public relations is a powerful tool that can be used to build reputations … and ruin them. Full Story: Media Update

For Better Market Research, Remember That Research Participants Are Humans, Too

Market research relies on human participants for actionable feedback, but researchers often forget the human element in their rush to collect data. Full Story: Forbes

Flutter for web develops: A hype beast or a silver bullet for website development

The journey of creating a one-size-fits-all framework for websites. Full Story: TechRadar

7 Web Development Tools to Help Your Busines

Though several opportunities are available for people with web development knowledge, they can use them to begin their unique business with different web development tools. Full Story: Digital Journal

A Match Made in Heaven — CRM & Marketing Automation

Anyone who runs a small business knows that the job involves wearing many hats. Full Story: MarTech Series

Preventing Harmful AI Bias With Fairness Through Awareness

Artificial intelligence (AI) holds great potential to revolutionize business operations. Full Story: Forbes


Companies know they have business intelligence (BI) when they have a detailed view of their data and utilize it to propel change. Full Story: Analytics Insight


Business intelligence (BI) merges business analytics, data tools and infrastructure, data visualization, data mining, and best practices to assist companies in making data-driven decisions. Full Story: Analytics Insight

Writing a Book? Start Amplifying Your Personal Brand Now.

A book can increase your credibility as an entrepreneur, but launching a book without a strong personal brand might mean leaving money on the table. Full Story: Entrepreneur

14 Ways To Build Brand Awareness Using Visual Arts And Animation

In today’s business world, there are multiple tools available to help you capture the attention of your target audience through visual engagement that is effective and affordable. Full Story: Forbes

How to Train Amazon’s Alexa to Recognize Your Voice

Does Alexa get confused when you issue commands? Here’s how to set up an Alexa Voice ID so she can better understand you. Full Story: PCMag

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