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7 min readNov 21, 2022

In the current climate of seismic shifts in the global economy, marketing needs to be at the core of change. Full Story: Forbes

How To Improve Your Marketing With Reputation Management

Reputation management is often viewed as something separate from marketing. Full Story: Forbes

Have Martech and Marketing Become Synonymous?

Today’s marketing technology is incredibly powerful and is only getting more powerful. Should it power your marketing? Full Story: CMSWire

What is AI marketing?

AI marketing is the future of any small businesses outreach strategy. Find out the benefits, drawbacks, and best tools to use here. Full Story:

Hitting rewind: 7 pieces of nostalgic marketing that helped consumers unplug

Deepfakes of ’80s action stars, Blockbuster activations and retro video games made donning rose-colored glasses easier in a challenging year. Full Story: Marketing Dive

How To Build A Marketing Strategy Amid Recession Fears

The discipline and consistency you develop around a marketing strategy and execution during a time of economic downturn will serve you… Full Story: Forbes

Connecting With Customers And Overcoming Digital Marketing Challenges

The marketing landscape is noisy. Traditional social, email and display marketing channels are in decline, making it difficult to stand out. Full Story: Forbes

What Is The Purpose Of Content Marketing?

In today’s digitally dominated world, consumers are constantly bombarded with advertising messages from every direction. Full Story: Forbes

9 Steps To A Future-Proof Social Media Strategy In A Web3 World

Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating an effective social media strategy to level up your Web 2.0 and prepare for Web3. Full Story: Search Engine Journal

This Tool Is the Key to Enhancing Your Social Media Presence

Social listening tools can be a great addition to your social media and marketing incentives. Here’s what to look for when deciding on the best app for you. Full Story: Entrepreneur

32 Predictions for Social Media Marketing in 2023

We’re nearing the end of yet another year, and what a chaotic 12 months it’s been for the major social networks. Full Story: Social Media Today

How to Keep Your Social Media Marketing Strategy on Track

Looking to reform your social media marketing strategy, and implement a more effective system to maintain your performance? Full Story: Social Media Today

5 SEO Techniques That Really Work

SEO is more than a single catchall term for marketing. It touches on advanced techniques that are the backbone of any successful business. Full Story: OfficeChai

The Basics of SEO in 2022

SEO can get extremely technical and complex, with not even Google’s engineers able to answer all possible SEO questions and queries. Full Story: Social Media Today

Future of AI Search: 4 Considerations for SEO Automation

Google’s value proposition for consumers is pretty straight forward — consumers use the search engine to find the most relevant and timely information on their search topic. Full Story:

Top 6 SEO Mistakes Photographers Make in 2022

SEO is arguably the most sustainable and consistent form of lead generation for photographers (and most other small businesses). Full Story: SLR Lounge

11 Effective Mobile Marketing Techniques That Can Drive Leads And Sales

Mobile marketing is a strategy used to reach your target audience personally via smartphones, tablets or any devices made for mobile viewing. Full Story: Forbes

Supply chain issues lead to mobile app vulnerabilities

A new study from Symantec’s Threat Hunter team looks at how upstream supply chain issues can make their way into mobile apps, making them vulnerable. Full Story: BetaNews

Facebook Is Shutting Down Its Gaming Mobile App In October

Facebook is shutting down its dedicated Gaming app for Android and iOS. The app will stop working on 28 October 2022. Full Story: Android Headlines

How to Develop a Seamless CX for the Omnichannel Shopper

Whether they’re shopping via mobile app, website, social media or in-person, Full Story: Total Retail

Digital billboards: The new star of the OOH town

OOH industry observers are unanimous that digital billboards have emerged to be an effective canvas with data capabilities. Full Story: Exchange4media

What is Digital Signage and How It Helps to Communicate

As the popularity of dynamic digital information rises, businesses of all sizes are implementing interactive and massive digital signs. Full Story: Critical Hit

Email Marketing Is Still the Best Way to Build a Loyal Customer Base

This service makes automated email marketing campaigns easy and effective. Full Story:

Entrepreneur 11 Best Email Marketing Platforms and Tools for Creators and Startups(2022)

Email marketing platforms are software applications that enable businesses to create and manage their email marketing campaigns. Full Story: Causeartist

Understanding Ecommerce Fulfillment Needs and Top 5 Services

If you have an ecommerce business or a bricks and mortar business that also sells items online, you know that one of the biggest challenges (after making the sale) is getting the item your customer purchased delivered to them quickly and smoothly. Full Story: Nav

5 Ways to Lower Shopper Hesitations in Ecommerce Customer Journey

In rough economic times, here are some ways to lower shopper hesitation in the digital customer journey. Full Story: CMSWire

What Differentiates Public Relations From Marketing?

Let’s start with the fact that PR and marketing are not the same, although many people think they are. Full Story: Forbes

Keyboard shortcuts for PR pros

There is no shortage of resources to help PR pros be better and faster at their jobs. Want to be a stronger writer? Full Story: PR Daily

5 Best Market Research Tools

It’s customary to have questions in mind before releasing a new product. For example, we often wonder how the market will respond to our products. Full Story: ReadWrite

Everything you need to know about custom web development

Custom web development can be a great option for businesses that need more than just a basic website. Full Story: KnowTechie

8 Web Development Trends to Follow

Since the inception of the internet in 1983, many web development tools have been introduced to simplify complex processes that would otherwise. Full Story: DevOps

Why the answer to rising customer expectations lies in the email inbox

Email remains a customer-centric channel, with marketing automation letting brands personalise their customer experience — at scale — while learning more about their audience. Full Story: Econsultancy

Top Innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) Powered Startups Based in the Netherlands

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is expanding worldwide, and many unique and exciting startups are trying to solve real-world problems using AI. Full Story: MarkTechPost

3 Ways Partnerships Can Drive Better Marketing Analytics and ROI

“Data-Driven Thinking” is written by members of the media community and contains fresh ideas on the digital revolution in media. Full Story: AdExchanger

The contribution of Data Analytics

Data analytics can help organizations do everything from tailoring a marketing pitch for a single customer, to identifying and mitigating risks for their businesses. Full Story: CEOWORLD magazine

Your Brand Equity Relies On How You Tell Your Story

Brand equity is a way of being able to quantify how clients in the market perceive your brand. Full Story: Forbes

How to protect (and promote) your brand during a recession: 4 kinds of customers

Now, protecting your e-commerce brand means being omnipresent on marketplaces like Amazon, eBay and Wayfair, as well as social media. Full Story: The Drum

Amazon Ends a Key Alexa Feature

Amazon’s Alexa personal virtual assistant has been available to help customers since 2013. Full Story: TheStreet

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