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Does Your Marketing Vision Demand A Speedboat Or A Tugboat — Or Both?

As marketers, we’re always grappling with external change — cultural, social, technological, you name it — which means that marketing itself is always something of a moving target. Full Story: Forbes

Why Age-Old Discounting Is The New Frontier In “Personalized” Marketing

If you’re a marketer, you are certainly familiar with the term “zero-party data.” Full Story: Forbes

How to Use Influencer Marketing to Reach and Convert Target Audiences

Influencer marketing is one of the most effective ways to get your brand in front of the right audience right now. Full Story: Talking Influence

How to optimize the marketing KPIs moving the needle in e-commerce

Access this e-book and learn how performance marketers drive results with these proven strategies. Full Story: MarTech

How To Leverage Measured Digital Marketing In An Economic Downturn

Marketing efforts are often the first thing on the chopping block when budgets get tight, but that might not always be the best strategy. Full Story: Forbes

Six Marketing Careers That Are Likely To Be In High Demand In The Next Decade

Marketing is more in the spotlight than ever. Consumers are shopping online, direct-to-consumer sales have risen in popularity and privacy has become a key focus. At the center of all of this is marketing. Full Story: Forbes

‘Paid Social’ is not a marketing strategy

Digital advertising is getting harder. Full Story: SmartCompany

The Biggest Challenges To ‘Green Marketing’ & How To Do It Right

Now more than ever, consumers are seeking out products and brands that align with their social, political and personal values. Full Story: Forbes

Is social media for self-promotion over? Creatives reveal their honest thoughts

No, you’re not imagining it. In 2022, social media increasingly sucks for sharing content and finding work. Creatives share their views on the way forward. Full Story: Creative Boom

How to Keep Up With Social Media as It Shapes E-Commerce

Social media is drastically affecting e-commerce sales and there are a few things to note if you want your business to keep up. Full Story: Inc. Magazine

Social Media Can Help Your Business Prosper

In today’s climate, the social media apps that help my business connect with people the best are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Reddit. Full Story: Inc. Magazine

Instagram Scales Back In-Stream Shopping Elements as it Re-Examines its Approach

Try as social platforms might, they just haven’t been able to make ‘fetch’ happen. Full Story: Social Media Today

Google Helpful Content Update Improves Customer Experience and SEO Strategy

Google announcing its search engine algorithm updates has become less of a major news story over the years. Full Story: CMSWire

Meta Lists 4 Ranking Signals For Video On Facebook

Meta uses these four signals to understand which videos deserve to be shown to more people on Facebook. Full Story: Search Engine Journal

Best SEO Agencies to Boost Your Business in 2022

If you want to increase your brand’s online visibility and consistently drive qualified organic traffic to your website, you must optimize all of your content for search engines. Full Story: Business 2 Community

How to do a competitive analysis for local SEO

Here’s how to identify your top local competitors on search engines and determine what it will take to outrank them. Full Story: Search Engine Land

Report: Mobile app updates take longer than marketers expect

More than 90% of developers and marketers say waiting to get app enhancements to market significantly impacts their business, and 96% of marketers are reliant on developer resources and app updates to improve user experiences. Full Story: VentureBeat

10 Facebook Mobile App Settings Worth Trying

Facebook’s mobile app comes with a few unique settings, including ones worth trying out for a better mobile experience. Full Story: MakeUseOf

Top 5 Best Mobile App Development Companies in 2022

Everywhere you go, not one person won’t be glued to their phones. Most people may dislike that, but this is where businesses have a vantage point. Full Story: Tech Times

Taxonomies for Mobile Marketing: Best Practices

By creating a clear taxonomy, marketers will best be able to see how their mobile marketing efforts are working and where there are… Full Story: CMSWire

Google move with digital out-of-home ads could benefit charities’ campaigning

Google has made digital out-of-home ads available to all Display & Video 360 users. This includes screens in public places such as stadiums, airports, bus stops, shopping centres, lifts, taxis and more. Full Story: UK Fundraising

The Evolving Case for Digital Signage

It offers possibilities but needs some tech, and business savvy. Full Story: GlobeSt

10 More Common Email Marketing Mistakes — And Solutions

Email is likely never going away. But email marketing mistakes can. Here are 10 more common email marketing mistakes with fixes. Full Story: CMSWire

6 tips for better emails

In the year 2020, the global email marketing revenue was $7.5 billion. Full Story: PR Daily

How to future proof your e-commerce business

It won’t be news to you that online commerce has transformed, with unprecedented speed, in recent years. Full Story: The Drum

E-Commerce Popularity Ignites Growing Investment In Warehouse Automation

It’s no secret that e-commerce has skyrocketed in the past few years. Fueled by the global pandemic, a study from US Census Bureau showed that ecommerce grew 43% in 2020. Full Story: Forbes

5 Types Of Public Relations You Need To Know

When you hear the term “public relations” (or “PR” for short), what’s the first thought that comes to your mind? Full Story: Forbes

Digital PR Strategy: Building a Kickass Campaign

There’s no real template for building an amazing digital PR strategy. Decide what really matters to your organization with this guide. Full Story: Search Engine Journal

5 Best Market Research Tools

It’s customary to have questions in mind before releasing a new product. For example, we often wonder how the market will respond to our products. Full Story: ReadWrite

Why the web framework hype train is always moving

JavaScript frameworks are a useful tool for developers because they help developers be more efficient by eliminating the need to rewrite boilerplate code for a new app or download individual libraries. Full Story: SD Times

8 Web Development Trends to Follow

Since the inception of the internet in 1983, many web development tools have been introduced to simplify complex processes. Full Story: DevOps

Better Productivity Through Automation

Automation technology is becoming more and more ubiquitous, and I’ve noticed that in many cases, it is not used to its full potential. Full Story: Forbes

Top Innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) Powered Startups Based in Australia

AI is changing the landscape of technology all around the world. So many companies are using AI to solve real-world problems and make our lives easier. Full Story: MarkTechPost

Complex data is not helping marketers

The survey was aimed at learning how marketing is changing and what leaders expect for the future. Full Story: BusinessLIVE

10 YouTube analytics tools to improve your marketing in 2022

Great videos don’t happen by accident. Maybe they did once upon a time when candid shots turned into viral sensations in the earlier days of YouTube and Vine. Full Story: Sprout Social

Business 101: How to Tailor Your Branding to Your Audience

It goes without saying that business branding is important. It’s a core tenet of successful marketing — one that every savvy company embraces. Full Story: Business Review

Never stop branding

If you want to ensure your brand is top of mind at all times and trusted, then you need always-on branding campaigns on news websites. Full Story: BusinessTech

14 Alexa Routines for Every Part of Your Day

Make Alexa Routines work with you with this list of options that span everything from wake up to bedtime. Full Story: MakeUseOf



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